Why We Need To Post All Foods


As someone posting food inspiration on instagram daily, I believe it is necessary to post all foods I eat. I don't mean posting every meal, that could get excessive and boring REAL fast, haha. I mean every kind of food.

Nowadays, people make it seem really important to maintain an aesthetic and be "on brand" at all times. Considering I started this account to post "healthy" foods, I used to strictly post foods I think would be culturally acceptable as healthy.

For example, I'd post salads with only an olive oil dressing even though I hated it. I'd post only vegan meals because I thought that was healthiest, even though I wasn't predominately vegan. I'd post my smoothies, but not the ice cream I ate on a Saturday night with my fam.

You may be like, okay, but so what? You want to show people how to eat healthy, and that's what you're doing. It would seem ironic and even wrong to promote unhealthy foods to others. Or worse, people might think you're not an expert in the field you claim to know a lot about.

Instagram Use Linked to Increased Signs of Orthorexia:

This study included 680 participants who follow health food accounts. It concluded-

"Higher Instagram use was associated with a greater tendency towards orthorexia nervosa, with no other social media channel having this effect"
It also showed the prevalence of orthorexia nervosa among the study population was 49%, which is significantly higher than the general population (<1%).

Sure, this may not be the cause per se, it could mean that people with orthorexic tendencies tend to follow health food accounts. In either case, posting all foods would still benefit.

I'm here to go against that. Orthorexia (a obsession with eating healthy at all times) cases are predicted to increase in the coming years. I truly believe our constant access to pictures of others' green smoothies, whole-food salads, clean meals, and detoxes is part of the culprit.

I think it's great to give other's inspiration to eat foods that are nourishing. Heck, I would be a hypocrite if I didn't. I love salads and I like to add spinach to my smoothies. The point I'm trying to make is that's not all I should post because that's not giving you the whole story.

 Loving my new little photo setup! I bought a white tabletop from IKEA I can just wipe off instead of buying a new poster board every week

Loving my new little photo setup! I bought a white tabletop from IKEA I can just wipe off instead of buying a new poster board every week

I like to have ice cream every so often at my favorite local ice cream shop. Sometimes I come home really tired and the last thing I want to eat is a big salad so grabbing some Tostitos with salsa is what happens. Sometimes on Sunday's when I have more time, I like to make a bagel sammy. And this bagel is gluten laden.

Not that I have to let everyone know what I'm eating at all times, but it's important to show other's what really goes on. Even if you don't realize it, you're subconsciously taking in everything you see on your newsfeed. From other's body types, to what people are saying, to what people are eating. Showing it's okay to have balance is really important to me.


You can still be a person promoting wellness and an expert in your field while showing all types of foods you eat. Hell, I think that promotes wellness in a more powerful, realistic and balanced way anyway!

Okay well that was my little rant. Side note- am I the only one that likes having savory egg sandwiches on a sweet, blueberry bagel? They're my fav.